The 300th academic year

The 2010/2011 academic year was the 300th in the history of our school. During this year we intended to show– without aiming at completeness – the achievements and values which encapsulate what we refer to sometimes humorously, but sometimes seriously: ‘the Spirit of Lovassy’.

As part of the programmes running all through the year our visitors could attend eight lectures in the series of ‘Lovassy Academy’ and they could enjoy the performances of the artists of the Four Seasons – Four Concerts programme. We organized nine temporary exhibitions in the new display area of the school and a reunion for the former and new members of the drama workshop, Lovassy Színpad. Those who were interested could join our hiking programme, 300 years – 300 kilometres, or they could listen to the pop concert of Lovassy students in “Our Street” and could visit the lectures organised by the members of our Alumni Association.

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Jubilee Plaque