In the 2012/13 school year our school is offering the following courses

The aim of the course is to provide the students with mathematical knowledge, in a way that suits their age. Our aim is manifold: we wish to improve the students’ ability of abstract and symbolic communication, to enable them to apply the findings of science in a creative way and to use this symbolic language at a high level in their further studies.
The aim of the course is that the students should study German language and literature at a high level, get to know and pass on the traditions of the German minority in Hungary. The dual identity of the German minority students may improve tolerance and understanding. The education is bilingual. The students get a chance to acquire a C1 level language exam along with their Matura examination and to take a DSD exam. The exchange programmes offer insight into the economic and political system, as well as the social, political and everyday life of German-speaking countries.
Information Technology
The course is aimed at students who are interested in IT, and who are preparing for professions where the use of IT is essential. The students can develop proficiency in the use of up-to-date IT-applications and they learn to use these devices to enhance their creativity. The acquisition of the basics of computer programming provides an opportunity for them to improve their problem-solving techniques.
The aim of the course is to improve language proficiency based on the knowledge gained at primary school and to prepare the students for the advanced-level Matura examination and C1 level language examination. We offer insight into the history and culture of English-speaking countries. The students can also acquire a higher level of language skills in their second foreign language, which is helped by the optimum distribution of their language lessons and the homogeneous groups set by placement and assessment tests.
Arany János Supporting Programme for Talented Students
The1+4 year boarding school course is for talented but socially disadvantaged students. The teachers of our school and of the Veszprém Student Hostel for Secondary Schools - along with the programme advisors - do their best to help the students to overcome their disadvantages. The priorities of the course are foreign languages, IT, the development of mathematical skills, the improvement of communicative skills and learning methods. During the five years we support the acquisition of at least one B2 level language exam, the ECDL exam and a driving license.