Dear Visitors! Dear Friends!

We have two aims to fulfil by issuing this DVD: we would like to give a brief but thorough portrait of one of the best secondary grammar schools in Hungary, the more than 300 years old Lovassy László Grammar school; and we would also like to introduce our newest course, the 20 years old German Minority Studies Course, in full detail.

We would like to show what we consider valuable to preserve and to teach; and how we wish to convey these values to our students.

I hope that you can catch the spirit which is characteristic of the school while looking at the numerous pictures and reading about our history, traditions and activities. I hope that you can feel the creative atmosphere which was born under the spirit of the cooperation of students, teachers and parents.

I would like to thank the colleagues, parents and students who helped with producing this DVD for their work. I hope you will find pleasure in reading and watching the DVD, and if it manages to arouse your interest towards our school, please visit our programmes or join our everyday life virtually on our website:

Veszprém, May 2013.

Zoltán Schultz

The DVD was written and edited by: Mária Eich, Károly Kovács, Zoltán Pálffy, László Schindler and Zoltán Schultz.

Participating students: Eszter Csató, Kitti Csótai, Xavér Erdősi, Anna Freund, Fruzsina Gál, Anna Király and Réka Orosz.

Participating parents: Gabriella dr. Füléné Pió, Zsuzsanna Holubné Szita, Katalin Horváth, Dóra Schleicher, Ildikó Stark Péterné Zöldvári and Katalin Volf.

Translation into German: Mária Eich and László Schindler.

Translation into English: Zsuzsanna Holubné Szita and Ildikó Korbacsics.

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