The brief history of our school

Lovassy László Grammar School is the oldest secondary school in Veszprém. The Piarist Secondary School, which was the legal predecessor, was founded by Count János Ottó Volkra, the Bishop of Veszprém, in 1711.

Many of the Piarist teachers were acknowledged nationwide for their scientific work, others were the leading figures of the educational, scientific and cultural life in Veszprém. Among them was the museum-founder Dezső Laczkó, or Mihály Bolgár, the designer of the first water pipeline system in Veszprém. The most talented students of the grammar school added a lot not only to the Hungarian but also to the universal cultural heritage, thus making the school well-known and reputable. The most outstanding ones are the Cholnoky brothers, the poet, János Batsányi, the painter, Mihály Zichy, the geologist, Sándor Endrődi, and the sculptor, Imre Csikász.

After the well-known and widely respected Piarist school was nationalized in 1948, it functioned under the name Veszprém State Grammar school, and then it was named after László Lovassy in 1952.

We consider it very important to represent the modern era and constant development but to preserve the Piarist traditions at the same time. We celebrated the 300th anniversary of the predecessor grammar school together with the Alumni Association of Lovassy and the former Piarist School. With our varied programmes we wished to emphasize that besides preserving our traditions, we are an institution which intends to provide a complex, up-to-date 21st century education for its students.

Our school has become famous nationwide for educating its students so that they have a very good chance to get into the most popular universities. They also achieve very good results in the national academic competitions organized for secondary school students in different school subjects. Apart from the high level academic education, we put an emphasis on our students’ artistic skills as well as sports activities. We have always taken part in the Helikon Festivals, the most acknowledged competition in arts for the secondary schools in the Transdanubian Region. The festival was re-organized and renewed in the 1990s, and since then we have managed to get the Helikon Cup for the Most Successful School three times.

We offer several specialized courses in our school. There have been classes specializing in Mathematics since 1967, in English since 1984, in Information Technology since 1990, and in German Minority Studies since 1993. We have been taking part in Arany János Supporting Programme for Talented Students as one of the founders of the programme since the academic year of 2000/2001.

We started a language preparatory course in September 2004 in the class specialized in Mathematics, and then in the following academic years we introduced the system in our other classes as well. Thus all our courses are five years long now.

Our students can choose two foreign languages to learn during their school years. These languages are English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.

We offer extra lessons to our students in the following subjects: Mathematics, History, foreign languages, Biology, Chemistry, Information Technology, Hungarian Grammar and Literature, Geography, Physics, Music, Arts and Drama. Many of these study circles prepare the talented students for different academic competitions.

We pay extra attention to the teaching of foreign languages. There is an exam centre for ÖSD and DSD language exams in our school.

Our outstanding educational activity was honoured by Pro Urbe Prize by the city of Veszprém in 1998.

In 2008 the school received the title of Talent Supporting Secondary School, the Excellent Matura Examination Exam Venue, and became the partner institution of Semmelweis University. We signed a contract of cooperation with the Faculty of Information Technology of Pannon University in 2009, and with the Faculty of Engineering in 2011. We founded the Lovassy Giftedness Point in cooperation with the Veszprém Student Hostel for Secondary Schools in 2012, which was accredited as an Excellent Giftedness Point by the National Talent Support Council.